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School-Based Outpatient Program

School-Based Outpatient Program for Children

Our school-based mental health program helps identify children in need of mental and behavioral health services. Through these school-based programs, children are able to receive a no-cost assessment as well as mental health treatment and counseling in an environment where they are comfortable. This increases the chances of at-risk children getting the help they need and reduces placement outside of the school. Universal Community Behavioral Health has partnered with Bellefonte Area School District to provide assessment and outpatient therapy in the school setting.

Trauma Certification

Universal Community Behavioral Health’s outpatient center in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania achieved certification as a North Central Trauma-Informed Care Center.

North Central Trauma-Informed Care Center

Help and Hope are Only a Call Away

It’s never too late to get help. If you or someone you know is facing a crisis, call The Meadows Psychiatric Center at 800-641-7529 or our Universal Community Behavioral Health outpatient intake center at 888-520-8224 for 24/7 service.